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What is the current state of the NFT market?

Updated: Jan 3

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The following article deals with the question of how the overall NFT market is currently performing. Let's therefore take a look at the data with a focus on volumes, transactions, prices and public interest.

Volume and transactions

Since the beginning of the year, monthly volumes have declined significantly. In particular, the Opensea marketplace has seen a sharp drop in monthly volume.

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A further breakdown by category or chain shows a similar picture. Declining volume in both categories Gaming and Art NFTs.

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The breakdown by chain reveals the dominance of Ethereum, but at the same time also its sharp decline in volume.

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A decline in the number of monthly transactions is also evident although it is not as drastic as in volume.

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In order to be able to make a statement on how the overall market for NFTs has developed (in terms of prices), NFT benchmark indices provide some useful information.

Nansen NFT-500: The benchmark index consists of 500 NFT collections and represents an average of 85.4% of the daily market volume since 1 January 2022. This index aims to track the activity and movement of the NFT market.

Images Credit: Nansen (

Nansen Blue Chip-10: The Blue Chip NFTs index is a collection of notable and classic NFTs. It is also the first index constructed by Nansen. While the old index consisted of 20 constituents, the revised Blue Chip-10 index consists of ten well-established NFT collections weighted by market capitalization.

Images Credit: Nansen (

Nansen Gaming-50: The Gaming NFTs index consists of 50 NFT collections, which are further classified into the sub-categories: Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, Role-playing games (RPG), DeFi-related games (GameFi).

Images Credit: Nansen (

Again, a clear downward trend can be observed. But what about the the public interest?

Public Interest

The google search trends are used as a measure of public interest.

Images Credit: THE BLOCK (

Images Credit: THE BLOCK (

The current data show a clear trend for the overall NFT market: sharply declining volume, fewer transactions, falling prices and less interest as measured by google search trends.

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